Transferring the business from one family member to another is a complex and weighty decision.  Therefore, business succession should be planned carefully by someone you trust, who has the expertise and knowledge to make you feel secure in assigning them the task of succession planning and its subsequent execution. Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of family business wealth and is able to assist business owners and their extended family in a variety of ways, creating and delivering bespoke services around ownership and succession. Our professional team offers services around the development of a succession plan, drafting all the necessary documents, and also administering the execution of plans if required.

We are a trust company registered under the Hong Kong Trustee Ordinance, which provides a wide range of professional trust services. We assist clients in setting up various trusts and act as their official trustee. We have more than 10 years of experiences of providing trust services to our clients. We help clients in drafting and executing thoughtful, long-term plans to protect, support, and grow their asset with synergetic consideration of their current unique situation. With our team of professional administering your trust as the appointed trustee, you can be assured that all assets, regardless of asset class or size, are prudently managed and protected, for the benefit of your loved ones.

Leaving without a will can create a multitude of problems for those left behind. Drawing up a Will is the best way to ensure that your wishes are carried out as you intended after you’ve gone. A Will also protects your loved ones and family and minimises the financial worry during what is an upsetting and stressful time. By drawing up a will, you can ensure that your estate will legally and rightfully go to those chosen by you.  Planning ahead during your lifetime means that you can ensure that your estate is distributed properly. We have the skills and experience to help you create your Will correctly and efficiently. We have strategic partnerships with the right people in the industry and we can arrange inexpensive solutions to your multi-jurisdiction wills.

Family offices are increasingly operating on a global scale, whilst often only having one local presence. Individuals serviced by these offices are more demanding, requiring family offices to focus on their core. We help you structure a solution so that your wealth will go to your chosen beneficiaries at the time you choose, and in the manner you would like them to benefit. We have more than 10 years’ experience working with family offices to create and implement solutions that provide for extended families; including managing multiple, complex cross-border assets. Our family office services team is committed to delivering service excellence. We build long-term, trusted relationships with each of our clients. Our network of offices across the world can navigate tax and regulatory issues compliantly, provide for estate and business succession planning and facilitate investments.

Our professional team provides asset and wealth protection solutions in order to protect our clients’ assets from spurious suits and claims. We help our clients incorporate and manage foundations or trusts to facilitate wealth preservation. We do this by providing trustee or foundation services to manage the structure selected by our clients.

CCC Trust service

CCC has more than ten years of experience in seting up trusts for clients. In 2018, we were honored to have obtained a license in Hong Kong (licensed as a legal trustee). Many people may choose a trust primarily for taking care of family and friends, but the Trust can further help you manage property and taxation matters. So far, many of our clients have established Trusts in response to their needs.


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