Our audit services focus on accuracy and transparency so clients will accurately be able to track every channel of spending and income to obtain insight on financial positions and operating profitability. Additionally, our professional team will use their expertise to ensure that the statutory audit will fulfill all of the requirements as required by the Companies Ordinance. With many years of auditing experience, we ensure that our audit process will be done with utmost efficiency and accuracy.

Financial due diligence is extremely important before making any financial decision, and helps to uncover any potential risks by offering transparency and critical information about other companies. Financial due diligence will vary from company to company – but we ensure to use a wide scope to provide extra knowledge and insight into a company, and expose any possible hidden financial risks. Our professional team will also provide advice and insight into the financial situation of a company, to help you make the best decision before any commitments.

Internal control and maintaining it at an effective level is mandated by the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. Our professional team will ensure to review all internal control systems in place across all business areas and thoroughly identify any vulnerability within a company’s internal control environment which requires to be strengthened. By making use of our expertise and experience, we can ensure that internal control standards can be maintained and improved beyond what is required by the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.

Through a special financial review, our company can help analyze and break down financial data of companies in order to provide insight into the financial situation of the business. Trends and potential risks can be made transparent and will ensure clients have the essential data required to make a financial decision, whether it is the client's company; or a potential investment opportunity.

Corporate governance leads to transparency which can ensure a strong a balanced economic development. This also ensures that interest of all shareholders is safeguarded. Corporate governance affects the operational risk and hence sustainability of a corporation. CCC helps companies to ensure that their corporate governance systems have been set up in accordance with the legislative requirements and that the systems are fulfilling their expected roles.


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