International Business Advisers and International Accountants assisting clients to trade in China and in Europe

Originally established in 1996 in the United Kingdom as an audit practice to provide traditional book-keeping, auditing, taxation and company secretarial services to the Chinese communities in London and the South East of England, we are now firmly established as a global Business Advisory and Accountancy practice with offices in the UK, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

China’s accession into the WTO and the Chinese Central Government’s mandate to develop the Western Region and the latest Belt and Road Initiative provided the impetus for our expansion by allowing us the opportunity to provide valuable advice and services to investors in the region, giving them insight into the local economy and traditions (e.g. feasibility reports), advising on means of establishing a business (e.g. representative office, joint venture or wholly foreign owned enterprise) and recommendations on methods of fund repatriation to minimize taxation costs.

With the extensive business experience gained from our work in Hong Kong and China, CCC has attracted a number of internationally listed clients, providing consultancy advice to aid them in their businesses in Hong Kong and PRC taxation compliance work, and to assist their finance teams on various projects (e.g. Initial Public Offer and potential acquisitions) by adding an objective viewpoint and local expertise to their decision making process.

As part of our continuing commitments to our clients, our practice has now teamed up with lawyers to pioneer a multi-discipline division aiming to provide our clients a wider scope of business advisory services which include staff relocation arrangements (e.g. application of working visas and advice on salary efficient schemes) and implementation of international restructures to facilitate cross border trades.

As professional and business advisers we help our clients solve complex business problems and aim to enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance. We take pride in the fact that our services add value by helping to improve transparency, trust and consistency of business processes.

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