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London Office Announcement 2017-03-28

London Office Announcement

We are proud to announce that Mr & Mrs Yeh have joined our London office as partners since 1 November 2016. Both

Mr & Mrs Yeh have had many years of practice experience in Asia and the UK. Their presence has added additional

attributes to our London team - professionalism, reliability, integrity, diligence, and experience (PRIDE).

For clients who are not familiar with our London office, it has been established since 1996 and it provides primarily

fiduciary, accountancy and tax compliance services to local clients. Our London office is most suitable for UK businesses

of the following types :

Businesses owned by Mandarin and Cantonese speakers - we help bridging the language communication barriers;

Restaurants and /or takeaway outlets - we help solving all accounting and tax compliance issues;

Family businesses (large and small) - we help planning for continuity and inheritance;

Export and import businesses - we help planning for duties, VAT and licenses;

Overseas property owners - we help dealing with overseas landlord registration and tax returns submission;

Wholesalers and retailers including oriental supermarkets - we help planning for VAT and other tax issues.

Our London office also serves as a satellite office for clients who need cross border professional services from our other

offices. These services include :

Non UK company incorporations;

Asset protection and management;

International trading structures;

Trust advice and management;

Trading and investment in China - inbound and outbound;

Advice on immigration and visa services (UK, Ireland, Greece, Hong Kong and China);

General cross border advice on tax optimisation and efficiency;

Auditing services;

Advisory on accountancy and disclosure issues such as CRS and corporate governance;

Provision of independent non-executive director services.