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Greece Immigration

Greek Immigration process (whole process take 40 – 45 days)



  1. Client send us copy of the passports, and pay the advance payment.
  2. Within one week we start processing to establish the Greek company and submit the business plan to the Greek Authorities.
  3. We send to each client power of attorney to each client to be signed in the Greek consulate in China (Guangzhou or Shanghai).
  4. After receiving the power of attorney we need 3-4 weeks to complete the investment in Greece and publish on GAZETTE
  5. During the 3-4 weeks of processing the investment in Greece the clients should issue the following documents in China and legalise it from the Greek consulate or embassy. (Legalisation arrange in Beijing)
  6. Issuing the type D visa.
  7. Come to Greece for one week (medical check and police office)
  8. Issue the Blue certificate while resident card in process (valid for 1 year)
  9. Issue 2 years resident card (client can pick up the resident card by themselves or sign an authorization letter for us to pick up)

Document required:

  1. Full copy of the passport (all pages including the empty pages). For each person and each family member.
  2. 12 photos.
  3. Non criminal records, for each family member over 18 (legalised from the Greek consulate or embassy).
  4. Health Certificate for all family member (legalised from the Greek consulate or embassy).
  5. Family certificate (legalised from the Greek consulate or embassy).
  6. Certificate of Birth for each family member (legalised from the Greek consulate or embassy).




About Company Investment immigration:

Q1. What capacity does the applicant take after first landing in Greece? Permanent residency or temporary residency?

A: The applicant is going to receive a temporary residency 4-5 days after landing in Greece, upon submitting his application. 4 weeks later the applicant is going to receive his Permanent Card, valid for 2 years.


Q2. Any requirement on the length of period stay in Greece throughout the 2 years residency? Could the applicant travel back and forth to home country (i.e. China) freely? What is the longest time period the applicant can stay in home country?

A: No limits. The applicant should stay for a week upon his first landing in Greece, then the applicant should come back to Greece two month before his Permanent Card is going to expire and stay a week again in Greece.  So one week after two years, he can freely move to anywhere.


Q3. Could the applicant travel freely to the EU Member Countries? What is the longest time period the applicant can stay in the EU Member Countries?

A: The applicant can move and travel to any of the Schengen Area countries with no limits, the applicant can also go to non-schengen area countries as (Bulgaria, Romania & Cyprus without Visa and stay for 60 days, also can go to Ireland & the UK after receiving a special visa).  The applicant can stay for 90 days in the schengen area countries. But he also can apply to stay more in case he is going to open a branch or to work in another country.


Q4. The applicant can go to any Schengen country without restrictions?

A: The applicant can go to any Schengen country.


Q5. What is the minimum capital required to establish a company in Greece?

A: 60.000 Euro is the min capital required to establish the company, not including lawyer, accountant, taxes, insurance, rent fees, also not included application service fees.


Q6. The applicant with a class D visa can stay in Schengen countries without restrictions?

A: No, the applicant can only travel to Greece to submit his application, and 4 weeks he is going to receive his permenant residence card which allow the applicant to move in the Schengen area.


Q7. If a child is 17 years old when application made and turn to 18 years old when the child travel to Greece, does the application need to be changed? If so, what is the procedure? Does an independent application required? or an application along with their parents still acceptable? Any additional charges?

A: For a child 17 years old things are little complicated, he should submit a certificate from the university to avoid paying any extra cost.  Otherwise he is subject to full application fees (i.e. 650,000 RMB).


Q8. Do the children enjoy the same education benefit in Greece as the locals? How many years free education?

A: Yes, they can enjoy the Greek schools for free of charge same as local also they can enjoy the Greek university free of charge in case they finished the high school in Greece.


Q9. Do applicants and their families enjoy free medical benefit in Greece?

A: Yes, the applicant and the families can enjoy the free medical system in Greece and after 4 month of submitting the application in the EU (they will receive the EU medical card).


About Property Investment immigration:

Q1. Will the residency be forfeited after the property sold in Greece?

A: Yes


Q2. From 1 January 2015, New Greek Government introduced the New Deal which you can buy a house and apply for immigration for the spouses and children under the age of 21, and the parents of both spouses can be included as well. Does the New Deal applicable to our property investment immigration program?



Q3. Can the property be purchased based on a shareholding basis? (several shareholders to purchase the property at the same time)?

A: Yes, but each shareholder should pay min 250.000 Euro for the property + the taxes.


Note: In case of buying property the applicant can’t enjoy the medical system also can’t enjoy the education system.