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The Group

Company Secretarial Services

Bank Account Opening

Almost every company or trust will need a bank account. With our strong relationships with banks we can open accounts with leading banks and in many cases can provide on-line facilities. We can provide signatories to maintain confidentiality.

Company Incorporation

We incorporate companies rapidly and effectively in over 10 countries of the world, both offshore and onshore. With our own offices in several locations and online links to registries we give an unparalleled level of service. We incorporations are on a full-service basis with all initial documentation completed and officers appointed where appropriate.

Corporate Secretary

Ensuring global international entity compliance is time-consuming and often an unrewarding exercise, especially when dealing with numerous jurisdictions and different professional providers.  We are able to provide secretaries, whether individual or corporate, for client companies to assure global internationally entity compliance, including statutory compliance deadline management and corporate information change control.

Domiciliation and Nominee Services

We can provide the company’s registered office as well as nominee services, including directors and shareholders for clients wishing to hold assets and trade investments in a nominee capacity and/or to comply with the requirements of the laws (i.e. individual / local resident director) in some jurisdiction.

Restoration of Companies

We can do all the work needed to bring your company up to current standards and ensure that all the legal and statutory requirements are met, that officers are validly appointed and that the assets are not at risk.

Virtual Office Services

Company Administration

Our firm has a team of highly motivated professionals that can assist our clients to take away the responsibility for the day-to-day management of their companies.  They deal with meetings, minutes, bank instructions and many other functions, maintaining close contact and reporting regularly to the clients.

Depending on the demand of the clients, we can arrange either at the level of a shared line of telephone and fax or a dedicated line answered with the company name.  Messages forwarded a fax or email.

Offices and boardroom facilities

Most of our offices have fully equipped boardrooms which can be hired by the day or by the hour for important meetings. Video conferences can be arranged between most major cities in the world. Temporary office facilities can usually be made available.

Accounting and Audit Services

Accounting Services

With current compliance standards it is essential that the directors of a company maintain proper accounting records including the preparation of final accounts on an annual basis for tax returns reporting.  In some jurisdictions accounts have to be filed with the registry.  Our accounting professionals can provide ongoing bookkeeping and accounting services for your company which can be linked to the preparation of periodic tax returns, payroll services and management accounts.  We also can provide professional training and assisting to set up accounting system.


We can undertake offshore invoicing with a service as basic or comprehensive as required.

Audit and Assurance Services

Our firm has a professional team in providing independent, quality statutory audits to fulfill compliance requirements in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and overseas.

We can also assist your company to evaluate and review internal accounting and operational procedures, management information systems, and business development strategies with providing recommendation to ensure that growth is in line with the corporate targets.

Tax Services

Tax advisory and compliance

Our experienced taxation consultants will handle your tax compliance work, filing corporate tax returns for your business. Operating in China, Hong Kong, the US, the UK and other major jurisdictions, we will help with everything from routine tax enquiries to in-depth investigations.

We can also provide tax advice on structuring tax-exempt offshore activities and transaction, tax equalization plan, consultation on double tax arrangement and transfer pricing.

Tax planning

Intellectual property structures

The tax-efficient exploitation of a client’s intellectual property can yield startlingly beneficial results. The key to this success is identifying a piece of intellectual property before it has acquired any significant value. Whether the intellectual property is a patent, a copyright or an image right, the successful sale or assignment of this property to an offshore structure and the subsequent licensing structures used to take advantage of various double tax treaties allow our clients to enjoy the maximum benefit possible from their creative abilities.

International trade structures

Cross border trading often gives rise to tax planning opportunities. Substantial opportunities exist where goods are moving cross border, or across multiple borders, and the use of nominee and agency companies can provide significant taxation reductions. Once profit has been generated there is often the need to remit these profits to the ultimate low tax destination through the use of suitable holding, or tax transparent entities, often incorporated in what are otherwise regarded as high tax jurisdictions.

Royalties and intellectual property

Ensuring the most tax efficient means of exploiting a client’s intellectual property offers numerous tax planning opportunities. The exact structure used will depend on where the intellectual property was originally domiciled, and where it is to be ultimately exploited. Such structures usually involve both onshore and offshore components to ensure efficient use of double tax treaties, whilst guaranteeing the client the best possible ultimate return.

Tax residency certificates

Many foreign companies require a Tax residency certificate to prove to their own authorities and auditors that the company they are dealing with is resident in and is paying its corporation tax in the jurisdictions where double tax arrangement is signed.  We are able to assist you to obtain such certificate.

VAT accounting, administration and registration

Trading structures operating within the newly enlarged European Union will require VAT registration in order to account properly for their purchases and sales, and in order to prevent them suffering VAT which they are unable to recover. We can arrange VAT registration and administration in the Isle of Man or the UK and, subject to certain provisions, Ireland also. Such registrations allow clients to operate in a fully compliant manner throughout the EU.

Wealth management

Asset protection

Whether for common law or civil law based clients, we are able to supply traditional asset protection structures, such as trusts and foundations, in order to protect clients’ assets from spurious suits and claims.

Inheritance planning

To protection of wealth, once created, and the ability for this wealth to be passed from generation to generation requires the legitimate avoidance of inheritance taxes. Different countries approach inheritance taxes in different ways.  We have a number of wealth protection products which allow clients to dictate who their wealth is left to. Whilst trusts, foundations and life insurance products are the most popular of such products, the simple introduction of an offshore company can achieve remarkably successful solutions for some clients.


These include Greece/Hong Kong/Ireland/UK working and investment visas and immigration appeals and representation.

Other Professional Services

Corporate Validation Service for Banks

Nowadays, it is a normal practice for banks to make checks annually on client companies holding corporate accounts, to ascertain whether they are in good standing, as part of their due diligence procedure. We are well placed to help with this time-consuming procedure to many of the registries we work with.

Legalisation / Apostilles and Notarization

We are able to obtain certificates of good standing and certificates of incumbency and certify extracts of documents for our clients.

We also can get the documents notarized and apostilled, with a rapid turnaround time and very competitive fees, for our clients’ use overseas.

Trademark and Patent Registration

Registration of a trademark or a patent will give the owner of a trademark or a patent the right to prevent third parties from using his mark, or a deceptively similar mark, without his consent for the goods or services for which it is registered.  Our firm can provide trademark and/or patent application and registration services in Hong Kong, China and around the world.

Translation Services

Using specialist and, where necessary, authorized translators we can help arrange for the translation of documents into any language.


We can carry out company searches and land searches in any jurisdiction in the world providing basic or detailed information as required. Several our offices are online to their registries and can respond rapidly.